Frequently Asked Questions

What terminologies are supported by KNOWLEDGE?

KNOWLEDGE supports all the meaningful use terminologies, such as SNOMED CT, LOINC, and RxNorm. Go to our learn more page for a full list of supported terminologies.

Can I chose the terminologies that are loaded in KNOWLEDGE?

Yes, you can choose the terminologies that are loaded in your instance of KNOWLEDGE.

Which web-browsers does Mind Computing KNOWLEDGE support?
KNOWLEDGE supports the most recent stable versions of Microsoft Edge (version 80 or higher), Mozilla® Firefox®, and Google Chrome™. Microsoft Internet Explorer is not supported at this time.
What features does KNOWLEDGE have?

KNOWLEDGE allows you to create new concepts, create value sets, and export your content. KNOWLEDGE is also a terminology server. For a complete list of Knowledge features please see the learn more page.

What features do you have planned for KNOWLEDGE?

Our team is working to add features for the year 2020. Expect features such as: spell check, section 508 accessibility compliance, drag and drop, enhanced QA rules, release statistics and more. Is there something you want to see? Send us your ideas so we can prioritize properly!

What are the subscription options for KNOWLEDGE?

Currently, KNOWLEDGE is available as a 1 yr. commitment. Contact us more more details.

Is there an option to host KNOWLEDGE on my company's servers or data center?

At this time KNOWLEDGE is available as a SaaS product only.

Does KNOWLEDGE provide the ability to check the quality of our content?

Yes, KNOWLEDGE has an integrated set of QA rules. These rules are constantly improved and revised based on customer input.

Does KNOWLEDGE support OWL EL++ and Classification?
Is it possible to "try out" KNOWLEDGE?

Absolutely! Sign Up for a free trial of KNOWLEDGE to get started.

Is it possible to have a demonstration of KNOWLEDGE?

Yes, please request a demonstration by filling out a demonstration request.

Do I need to have a license for the terminology imported into KNOWLEDGE?

Yes, your company or organization is responsible for obtaining any licenses required by the entity that distributes and maintains these terminologies.

How do I contact technical support?

Login to your KNOWLEDGE website and request support under the Help Menu.

What are the hours for technical support?

Technical support is available by email from 8 am to 5 pm Pacific Time excluding holidays. Click here to contact us.

What export or release format(s) does KNOWLEDGE support?

With KNOWLEDGE you can export your SNOMED CT extension in Release Format 2 (RF2). For a Solor extension, KNOWLEDGE will export in a Solor RF2 compatible format.

Is there training available for KNOWLEDGE? Is training included in the subscription to KNOWLEDGE?
Yes, please contact support for your training needs.
Can KNOWLEDGE import our local terminology?

Most likely, please contact us and provide a description of what format your local terminology is in. e.g. excel spreadsheet

What is Solor?

Solor integrates the meaningful use standards such as SNOMED CT, LOINC, and RxNorm into a common model. It is an open source project started and supported by the Veterans Health Administration – more information on Solor visit

How does KNOWLEDGE relate to Solor?

KNOWLEDGE utilizes the Solor open source project as a foundation and builds a browser-based application to create new content, modify existing content, and export this content.

How do I cancel my subscription to KNOWLEDGE?

Please contact us to request termination of your subscription.

Is KNOWLEDGE a terminology server?

Yes, KNOWLEDGE can be used as a terminology server and supports HL7 FHIR. For more information on the terminology server please request a demonstration.

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