Mind Computing is pleased to introduce KNOWLEDGE


Today, the healthcare industry is in desperate need of semantic interoperability–the ability for healthcare systems to share patient information without compromising the meaning of patient data. The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened this awareness. Healthcare organizations want to share accurate patient information across healthcare organizations, care settings, and with public health agencies. It is more important than ever now that we provide a way to accurately share patient information.

Individuals may receive care from primary care physicians, specialists, hospitals, and other providers . Without the ability to exchange accurate patient information, patients may receive unnecessary lab tests, and conflicting prescriptions.

Mind Computing is pleased to introduce KNOWLEDGE. KNOWLEDGE provides healthcare organizations the ability to share accurate patient information between healthcare systems and providers. You, the healthcare provider, can receive complete and accurate patient information so that you can provide patient care with more insight, better outcomes, and higher efficacy.

Learn more about KNOWLEDGE to take charge of your terminology needs and create a path to semantic interoperability.


Mind Computing’s Knowledge application uses Solor to integrate terminology such as LOINC, SNOMED CT, RxNorm and local terminology into a common model to normalize encoded data.