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Consistent, comprehensive, and shareable accurate data are key for improving healthcare outcomes, reducing healthcare costs, and delivering value based healthcare. KNOWLEDGE provides basic and advanced capabilities to achieve your semantic interoperability goals.

Extension Creation

Release SNOMED CT Extensions and Solor Extensions that contain modified and new content on your schedule. Use KNOWLEDGE to create and distribute Extensions to customers and collaborators.

Improve Quality

Improve the quality of your terminology with KNOWLEDGE’s built-in QA rules (e.g. checks for duplicate concepts and prevent users from creating concepts that are clinically invalid).

Classify Content

KNOWLEDGE uses W3C’s description logic standard OWL 2.0 – as does SNOMED CT–to assist in preventing errors. It integrates the Snorocket description logic reasoner to classify OWL EL++ definitions to improve the taxonomy of the terminology.


Facilitate collaboration with internal and external partners through our cloud hosted KNOWLEDGE environment. Utilize user management capabilities such as creating new users and specifying roles for editors, release managers, and system administrators.

Software as a Service

KNOWLEDGE easily provides the latest releases of meaningful use standards, the ability to specify the meaningful use standards to load into your KNOWLEDGE environment, and load your locally developed terminology.

Core Features

Browse terminology in a hierarchical tree, use the Lucene Search engine for fast and precise results, map local terminology to meaningful use standards, add new concepts and descriptions, create and modify value sets, and classify content to satisfy semantic requirements.


Leverage the Solor project’s common model and features to create a semantic interoperability foundation. Mind Computing integrates Solor’s open source features into KNOWLEDGE to provide the only commercially available Solor development environment.

Unlock the Full Power of KNOWLEDGE

KNOWLEDGE contains features that help create, analyze, and modify content

  • Cloud hosted environment
  • Leverages Solor’s Common Model
  • REST services for Solor
  • Search, modify, and release content any time
  • Classify terminologies as needed
  • Review content with built-in QA rules
  • Uses OWL EL++ to define content

Supported Terminology

KNOWLEDGE supports multiple meaningful use standards and more

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can KNOWLEDGE import our local terminology?
Most likely, please contact us and provide a description of what format your local terminology is in. e.g. excel spreadsheet
What features does KNOWLEDGE have?

KNOWLEDGE allows you to create new concepts, create value sets, and export your content. KNOWLEDGE is also a terminology server. Contact us if you have any questions about our features.

What export or release format(s) does KNOWLEDGE support?

With KNOWLEDGE you can export your SNOMED CT extension in Release Format 2 (RF2). For a Solor extension KNOWLEDGE will export in a Solor RF2 compatible format.

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